Too long; didn’t read: We’ve been busy locking down locations and have a lot of exciting announcement to make…soon.


It has been quite a while since my last blog post, but that’s only because I’ve been sharing the load on the production end of this project. In the spirit of shared labor, my usual analysis will be replaced by some production updates.

We’ve been busy, and so far we have confirmed locations in New Jersey, Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, California and on the return trip, Illinois and Pennsylvania. It’s a nice cross section of restaurants, ranches, pubs and farms, and we have half a dozen other locations in the works. Once the trip begins, keep checking for specific updates on the locations and people who shared their time and stories with us.

In other production news, we have extended our INDIEGOGO campaign because of some recent media opportunities that we’ll announce soon. If you haven’t had the chance, check out the campaign; if everyone who follows us shows their support with just $5 we’ll be able to add even more locations for the ride back and surpass our projected 12 episodes.

Also, if you’re watching World Cup Soccer, keep an eye on our Twitter @BrokeOutWest. I’ve been live tweeting the US games and some of the other matches I’ve been keeping an eye on.


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