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The People Making it Possible


 Matthew and Maria Brito
Maggie Wieting
Claire and Billy Andre
Melissa Sak Richard and  Maryann Belmonte Chris Weinstein
Zack Dusedau Noelle Belmonte Zara Elyce
Karen Palmer Sue Mosier Marissa Torrone
Joanne Christiansen Richard Belmonte Jr Mary OBrien-Greeley
Heidi Maslin Danielle Cackowski  Michael DePasquale Jr
Mark Maben JoAnn and Michael Jimenez Grace and Mike Fong
Rich Kulsar Ana Bella and Waldo Quirolgico Frank Scafidi
Denise Barbarita  Charles and Barbara Quirolgico And More… 


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Jeremy Gillespie (Talent) is a music industry professional.  He prefers reading books and personal research to the education found in “institutes of higher learning.”  He believes hard work and dedication to a craft is the only true path to happiness, and true happiness is the ultimate measure of success.

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 Ian Rygiel (Talent) earned his BA in Communications from Seton Hall University and possesses an MA in Media Studies from the New School in NYC. He is an educator, writer and a media producer of nine years.  During The Great Recession, he loaded trucks, swung a hammer and hauled demo to get by, but he has also worked as an educator, freelance videographer and editor.

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