The People Making it Possible

Thank you to our backers for believing in this project and helping us produce a happy and safe environment for the crew and talent!


The people making Broke Out West possible:


Matthew and Maria Brito  Michael DePasquale Jr  Chad Tamez
Maggie Wieting Richard Belmonte Jr  Joanne Christiansen
Melissa Sak Danielle Cackowski  Tracy Gamble
Zack Dusedau JoAnn and Michael Jimenez  ckauff57
Karen Palmer Ana Bella and Waldo Quirolgico
Anonymous Contributor Charles and Barbara Quirolgico
Joanne Christiansen Claire and Billy Andre
Heidi Maslin Chris Weinstein
Mark Maben Zara Elyce
Rich Kulsar Marissa Torrone
Denise Barbarita  Mary OBrien-Greeley
Richard and  Maryann Belmonte Grace and Mike Fong
Noelle Belmonte Frank Scafidi

Thank you for your generous support of the project!

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