About the Show

Mission Statement: To explore and celebrate the evolving American Dream.

BOW_dwThe journey out West has long been a source of inspiration for writers, travelers and roughnecks. It is a journey that rewards the bold and those few individuals with the grit and determination to complete it.

Broke Out West is a celebration of this westward call and DIY resourcefulness. With two motorcycles, a skeletal production crew and few resources, we aim to seek out the sights, sounds and people that define this country from ocean to ocean; all while traveling on a shoestring budget.

In a time of economic uncertainty, unemployment, and underemployment, a restlessness has been spreading through a generation of young Americans. There is a yearning to reconnect with the land, and Broke Out West seeks to tap into this desire and explore America from a new perspective.

The team travels from town to town visiting people who have carved out their version of the American Dream. This time spent with them will illuminate the many ways the American spirit and work ethic have evolved to meet the needs of both the times and we the people. It celebrates the creativity and drive of brave start-ups, family run business’, entrepreneurs and entertainers determining their own measure of success.

This method will also show the attractive qualities of traveling to and patronizing lesser-known attractions and start-ups. By connecting the people who bring travelers and consumers their goods and services, we hope to reinforce a desire to explore the less-beaten path.


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