tl;dr  Check in on Thursday evenings for posts about the trip and the experiences we had.

I’ve always found it odd that my urge to write seems to become more insistent as I grow busier. The less time I have, the more I want to sit and let my thoughts pour out through a pen or keyboard. Naturally, the inverse is also true.

Having taken some time away from the project to unwind, debrief, and reflect, I feel I’m in the right place to relate some of the experiences and insights I’ve gained from the journey west and back again – of course this also coincides with my return to work; a job that takes up the majority of my physical and mental attention during the week.

Despite all that, I’m planning on writing a post once per week and posting it Thursday night. Thinking back on all of the wonderful people, sights, and experiences I had for three glorious weeks will keep me sane. The self-imposed deadline – not so much. Hopefully, the stories I share will keep your interest as Lauren furiously edits away in her editing cave (or wherever that sort of thing happens)


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