Nothing worth doing is ever easy. At Seton Hall, we had a motto “Despite hazards, move forward,” and so we advance our plans tactically.BOW_0707-sm

As you can appreciate, we all have day jobs, some of us, plural day jobs. This has not prevented the production team from pressing forward and expanding.

We are pleased to share that Jeremy will now be traveling on an attractive red Suzuki sv650n 2007. We have shot some promotional photos to showcase the bikes and boys, to express the particular flavor of the pair.

We are happy to announce the addition of new team members. Ryan Palmer will act as our Director of Photography and brings a talented eye, thoughtful vision and creativity that will be invaluable to the process of capturing the American spirit across the country.  J. Dominic DeMuro will be our Unit Production Manager and will foster incredible technical development and bring a commanding voice to our cause.

We have been busy raising funds for the trip, and have turned to indigogo for crowdfunding. See the campaign here.

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