It has been two and a half months since we returned from the road. Most of us have been fortunate and all have been keeping busy between day-jobs, night-jobs, all-the-time jobs and of course, in the case of our intern Jesse Boom, continuing education.


Tee Proof

We are all hard at work in our respective sections of post production. Syncing the numerous cameras and audio recorders for the 23 full days of photography is quite a bit to process. It is worth saying that it is being done and we will have many updates to come regarding the editing progress.

Part of our post production work has involved in designing and creating all the merch and perks for our supporters. We are grateful to everyone who got back to us about tshirt sizes and are happy to announce that the physical shirts should be in our hands any day now!

We received the posters several days ago and anxiously await the arrival of our totes and tees so we can send them out to all the generous supporters who helped make the Broke Out West production possible.

Should anyone want to order additional tees, totes, or posters we are considering the possibility of making those available in 2015 based on interest, so let us know if you’re interested.

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